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Financial Planning Services

Investment Management Services

Our principal focus is to invest our clients' funds to achieve long-term capital appreciation. The President of Seaport Financial is the lead portfolio manager.   Seaport Financial may provide a variety of financial planning services to individuals or families regarding the management of their financial resources, based upon an analysis of client's needs. Generally, such financial planning services will involve reviewing the client's current financial circumstances, needs and objectives. This information normally would cover present and anticipated assets and liabilities, including insurance, savings, investments, and anticipated retirement or other employee benefits.

Financial Planning Strategy and Process

Financial planning is one of the most important services that people use to create a successful personal life and business career. We follow a comprehensive planning process to ensure that your needs, goals, values are aligned with your financial decisions.  This four-step strategy includes: (1) Initial Discovery and Interview Process, (2) Recommendations for the Plan (3) Financial Plan Implementation and, (4) Strategic Completion and  Monitoring.

1. Initial Discovery and Interview Process
This is an initial meeting to learn about you and what you hope to achieve. We seek to thoroughly understand your needs, concerns and priorities. This is accomplished through discussion and sometimes profile questionnaires in order to gather information about your investment methodology, objectives, income/tax bracket, time horizons, liquidity, etc. This will help Seaport Financial provide you with investment and asset protection recommendations. We will explain how we can assist you in reaching your stated goals and the responsibilities we have as a fiduciary.
2. Recommend Strategic Asset and Style Allocations
Seaport Financial believes in diversified investments based on risk tolerance, age, income profile, lifestyle and goals. This part of the process is the creative portion and there are often many methods of planning to work towards this common goal. 

3. Financial Plan Implementation
A financial plan is of limited value if it is not implemented. At this stage, Seaport Financial will discuss items that are needed to implement the plan and will help you to meet deadlines. Some examples may include: meeting with an attorney for estate planning updates or origination; retooling or initiation of insurance planning; investment advisory services; income tax reduction planning; and, sometimes, a personal budget or required income needed annually from this financial plan.

4.  Strategic Completion and Monitoring
Once the financial plan has been built and is implemented it is critical that these recommendations be monitored on a regular basis.