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Complimentary 59 Minute Personal Asset Manager

In our 59 Minute Personal Asset Manager Review, we routinely discuss:

Market Based Accounts - Is my portfolio really diversified? Is there too much overlap in my accounts? How do my accounts compare to other accounts in their peer group? Am I paying to high of a fee for the management of these investments? How can I reduce or eliminate market risk and still potentially participate in some of the growth of the market?

Tax on Investment Income - What does "T H E I.R.S." spell? THEIRS! We'll show you how to keep more of your income tax dollars YOURS! Are you paying income taxes on dollars that you are not currently using? How can you reduce the tax on our investment income? We'll show you proven techniques to keep more income tax dollars in your pocket.

The Roth IRA - Should I convert my traditional IRA too a Roth IRA? What are the new rules for the upcoming year? What are the tax advantages in doing so? How would this strategy work for me and my family?

Long Term Emergency Care Planning - We will show you "new" approaches to an "old" problem. Does traditional LTC protection still make sense or would "asset based" long term care protection be a better option? Is there protection available that guarantees I'll get my premiums back or better if I do not use the insurance? What has changed the Medicaid Planning arena? How can assets be protected without purchasing Long Term Care Insurance.

IRA Taxation - How can I minimize income taxes on my IRA when I'm alive? How can I dramatically reduce income taxes on my IRA when passing my assets onto my children or heirs? What can be done to avoid 100% immediate taxation when passing this type of account to my heirs?

Estate Planning - What has changed? Are my legal documents up to date? Will these documents accomplish all that I hope while I'm living and when I am gone? Do I need an estate planning "tune-up"? We'll review your documents and give you a recommendation.

Tax on Social Security - Are you tired of paying Uncle Sam income tax dollars on your Social Security? Many people do not even realize how much of the SSI is being taxed. We'll show you powerful ways to reduce the federal and state income tax.

Gifting and Philanthropic Planning - Do you have goals to pass on assets to charity? Have you considered other options outside of merely making your favorite charity a beneficiary of your will or trust? If you haven't, you may be excited to learn about some of the options available while you are alive.

Examine Your Situation - What do the next 5 years hold for you? What can you do to make sure that you don't look back 5 years from now and say, "I should have gotten better advice."

If you haven't reviewed all of these areas of concern with your advisor, you may not be getting the advice you need. Our goal is to build lifetime relationships with our clients. If you're ready to take a closer look at your situation, click here to schedule your 59 Minute Personal Asset Manager Review or call us for an appointment at 603-379-2633. Knowledge is power. Get the information you deserve.

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